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Planetary Transit Calendar

Keep track of celestial goings-on with this handy Google Calendar of current daily transits with thought-provoking mini-descriptions. You can use transits and Moon phase periods to focus your mind on intentions, meditations, and dream manifestation. This calendar is set for Pacific Time, Western Tropical Zodiac.

You can add it to your own Google calendar or download the iCal file and import it into your Outlook. The transits are current until April 2020.

Data and interpretations provided by Solar Fire 9 software, exported into Outlook, then cleaned up using a TextPad macro and imported into Google Calendar.

Planets included:

Planet Theme Rulership
Moon Emotions, past conditioning, security needs Cancer
Mercury Mind, intellect, communication Gemini and Virgo
Venus Relationships, what you value, harmony Taurus and Libra
Mars Desire, direction of action, courage Aries and Scorpio
Jupiter Faith in life, meaning, ideals, social opportunity Sagittarius (and Pisces traditionally)
Saturn Limitation, lessons to learn, structure, discipline Capricorn (and Aquarius traditionally)
Uranus Freedom, rebellion, liberation, inspiration Aquarius
Neptune Illusions, dreams, spiritual ideals and merging Pisces
Pluto Power, control, death and rebirth, transformation Scorpio
Chiron The wounds you heal through compassion Possibly Virgo*
* Chiron is a minor planet in the outer Solar System, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. It was discovered in 1977 and identified as member of a new class of objects now known as centaurs—bodies orbiting between the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt. Astrologers are still debating the meaning and rulership of Chiron.

Aspects included:

Aspect Degree Meaning
Conjunction 0 Degrees The beginning of a new cycle, new potential, merging of energy, unification intensification
Semi-sextile 30 Degrees Emerging, new forms, preparation, information gathering, investigation, immediate resources, curiosity
Sextile 60 Degrees Cooperation, productive work, agreement, active focus, first draft, practical application, development of skill and techniques, instinctive talent
Square 90 Degrees Crisis, building, construction, road blocks, friction, heaving lifting phase, competing objectives, the need to synthesize solutions, stress, concrete form, action, confrontation, fixed positions
Trine 120 Degrees Harmonious cooperation, highly productive work, flow, in the zone, momentum, understanding, expansion of consciousness, growth, perseverance, gifts and abilities
Quincunx 150 Degrees Adjustment leads to perfection, error-correction after high-productivity phase, clarification, maturity, focused blending
Opposition 180 Degrees Awareness, objective manifestation, clear vision, results actualization, re-polarization, conflict, tension, confrontation, culmination
Semisquare 45 Degrees A lesser square, quality of initiating
Sesquisquare 135 Degrees A lesser square, quality of culminating

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